A Moment With Evangelist Sam Biggers

Please allow me a few moments to share a personal reason I believe prayer is important and should be specific in many situations.

Just this past Sunday afternoon I stood and shared again with a person who stated about two months ago he was a pagan. At that time I challenged his thinking about Jesus, our Savior who died for all people. I point blank asked him to consider this question: “What severed you from God if you ever knew him?” Through showing him love during a difficult time, I asked him if he had given thought to our earlier conversations. He said yes and that he was reconsidering the argument for Christ.

I reminded him there were three crosses on that hill on the day Christ died on the center cross. I shared with him all three crosses were instruments of death, a cruel way to die, but the center cross has eternal consequences because of who died upon it. He told me he understood one thief accepted Christ and the other mocked Him.

As we continued to talk, I challenged him with the fact that the cross of Jesus is immeasurably tall and is the only cross that divides mankind from God and what the cross of Jesus could bring to him. I continued to share all the sin of humanity was nailed to that cross on that day. All we have to do is believe Jesus is the Christ and accept Him and to serve Him. As we parted, he promised me that he would continue to consider salvation. He even when as far as to acknowledge it was the Holy Spirit that prompted me to spot him standing in need of help and reached out to him. He is being drawn to God through prayer.

I believe him will come to know Christ at some point. Please join me in pray for him. I also have several close relatives who need prayer for them to fully understand the power of the cross and how immeasurably tall and powerful it really is.

Almost everyone has a cross on a chain, or has seen a cross. There are very few who have not see a cross – i’m discovering the simplicity of the gospel is sharing the importance of the cross of Christ to a fallen generation.

I challenge you to pick up your cross and carry it with you.