A Moment With Evangelist Sam Biggers

Around the World – You are Valuable and Loved

Every person upon the face of this earth or has ever lived or will be born, including myself, are more valuable to God than all the riches of this earth including the earth itself, which is God’s creation.

When I see people, please help me look at them through the eyes of God – each soul is more valuable to God than the earth He created and all that is on the face of this earth today.

Take a look through the lens of Eternity. Only two things on the face of this earth will last for Eternity:
1. God’s Holy Word.
2. The Soul of each man or woman.

One Soul is more valuable than this earth and all upon it.
If we catch this truth from God, it will change our life forever.

You are valuable and loved by God. Allow Jesus into your heart. Rise up and attend church on Sunday. He is waiting for you to take the first step and open the door of your heart. Then you will be able to sing this song, not as a by-stander, but with the truth of the words planted as seed in your heart.