“A Friend in Cuba,” by Dr. James R. Wining

Recently, a Facebook friend invited me to visit Cuba. This article and response is only my opinion and observations. This article does not express the opinions of Acts Ministry, Inc., Acts Media Group, my family or specifically my wife. My wife and I did live in a neighboring Caribbean country the Dominican Republic and we did enjoy coffee and cigars from the imported Cuban coffee and tobacco plants.  We further enjoyed immensely the many favorable Cuban dishes.

This all being said, we come to some of the reality issues. First, I am not opposed to socialism for underdeveloped countries. However, socialism should merely be a step toward economic independence and not economic dependence. To avoid capitalistic exploitation in a laissez-faire type society a check and balance needs to be established between the capitalist and the workers such as unions, guilds, fair labor laws and other protections for human rights. The “The End Game,” so to say is libertarianism where people live as God gave us with “Freedom of Choice.” Deuteronomy 30:19.

Second, people interact with one another and the liberty of one individual may infringe on others. Thus, the need of government appointed by these independent people to fairly and justly manage this interaction. This is definitely not the same as a government that holds your liberty and dishes it out based on some collective purpose or reason for power. A government without appointment by the people. (A free and open election.) is fundamentally and purposefully inhumane and anti-liberty.

Third, Cuba is operating with socialism as its fundamental principle and is likely using it as a step to communism. or Cuba is blatantly communistic in principle. The answer  to both is the same. Cuba seeks collective ownership and control without individual liberty or appointment by the people!. Sadly this is a society lacking in that old fashioned concept “The American Dream.” Moreover, stuck with dependence and absent of  opportunity the country falls prey to depravity, poverty, corruption and despair.

Finally, to my Cuban friend please, know I love what you are doing in promoting Cuba. I believe connection, education and example are key factors in opening your eyes to liberty and our eyes for Christian love and kindness. Hopefully, some day in the future we shall meet.

       God Bless,