“Footsteps for Christianity,” by Dr. James R. Wining

Dear Affiliates, Ministers, Ministries, Non-profits & Supporters;

Nearly five years ago I assumed the responsibility of president of Acts Ministry, Inc. I followed its Founder to this office Dr. Paul C. Collins. It would be ridiculous to say I did so in his footsteps. Dr. Collins had the vision, “Unity, in Christ, through The Holy Spirit.” He also saw its mission into the world irrespective of location, affiliation, association, race, creed or social differences. The broadness of his foundation for Acts Ministry, Inc. allowed me to operate with my own footsteps and add to the greatest of this ministry established by Dr. Collins in 1993.

I joined the Acts Ministry movement first as a church affiliate (Heaven’s Gate Gospel Church of Lee’s Summit, Missouri) and secondly as a non-profit (Joseph’s STOREHOUSE.) in New Milford, Pennsylvania. The former was a community church that included evangelizing the Word of God and programs for addiction (NA), autism (Show Time Llamas & Alpacas) and the homeless including veterans (The Free Store.) The latter was a non-profit focused on helping young autistic people get employed. In essence thou as most of you know I joined up with Acts Ministry because it was the “Spiritual Light for the Future.”

There is an obscure word “Mie.” Mie is the scattering of light by particles.” (Oxford English) The word, its anachronism, and its conceptual meaning fit Acts Ministry. Acts Ministry, with all the Christian divisiveness and religious partisanism occurring, stands out as truly a beacon light for Christianity.  Through its affiliates, ministers, ministries, supporters and non-profits it sends out particles of light through these works that permeate into a world that is growing by the day more hostile, violent and self-destructive.

The anachronism also explains Acts Ministry. Each letter fits what Acts Ministry is doing:
the M-stands for ministry, the I-stands for Internet and the E-stands for events. Acts Ministry is supporting or doing an event, broadcasting a show over Social Media Internet or helping a ministry reach their Christian objectives.  Acts Ministry is doing this to the very best of its resources. We have some pretty remarkable human resources.

For example, Monday through Friday 8 am-10 am we broadcast six shows on Acts Television Network which touches over 1.5 million viewers annually. Each show in its own way touches on Christianity and the works needed today for mankind. Pastor Matt Pearson is the station manager and Jason Cobb is the shift manager. Nearly all the hours of work done by these two servants are done on a volunteer basis. Moreover, they are constantly purchasing equipment and donating it to Acts Ministry to improve the social media broadcasting ability.

Another example is The Veterans Church of Springfield, Missouri. Acts Ministry believes the veteran’s issues and life circumstances require special attention.  This is consistent with Acts Ministry’s Autism Awareness Program which is an earlier life and circumstance issue involving children and adults with autism. The Veterans Church was started by Pastor Leo Frohman and Pastor Bruce Pearson. They meet on Thursday nights and twice a month on Sunday at the Acts Chapel in The Plaza Towers Springfield, Missouri. Both pastors provide meaningful messages, contribute to the music and evangelize veterans in person and over the Internet social media network. They do these remarkable works as volunteers.

I could go on about the remarkable efforts of Pastor Steve Schultz and the online newspaper The Real News-Review, Pastor Jackie Scott and The Acts Ministry Newsletter, the article contributors Dr. Jane Campbell and Evangelist Sam Biggers but I think you probably get the message. We have good Christian women and men serving the “Whole body of Christ,” for little if any financial reimbursement or personal consideration. This is something I am totally unfamiliar with as a businessman. In fact, had it not been the custom of people to volunteer like this at Acts Ministry I would have shut the ministry down until a solid financial plan of money was in place to remunerate these exceptional efforts.

If you consider Acts Ministry’s strengths and weaknesses we clearly are an extreme witness on both ends. We have remarkable human resources but humbling financial support. Acts Ministry reaches millions over the Internet, has over 100 ministries, ministers, non-profits and affiliates and finally, has events covering issues of autism, veterans, health and organ transplants nationwide.  Yet monthly average donations are less than $2,306.00. Over fifty percent (50%) of this sum goes for rent, utilities, insurance and Internet. This leaves $1,153.00 for supplies, stipends, hospitality items, equipment repairs, accounting 501c3 tax expense, and miscellaneous items. Obviously the situation is barely tenable at best.

Therefore, I ask on behave of Acts Ministry for you to consider this proposal. I realize many of you have churches which you may or may not be reaching your tithing goal. I also realize there are many of you who do not tithe. This all being said I would like for you to consider the value you receive from Acts Ministry and think for a moment “Who would step in to the works of Acts Ministry for all Christians if Acts Ministry was not there?” A very difficult question to answer. How about this:
*For those that tithe, ten percent of their tithe.
*For those that do not tithe, ten percent of their USA taxes.
*For those that give to a church but do not tithe the
difference between the church giving and a tithe.
Please, put this on the top shelf for immediate attention. You can donate up to $50.00 a month on our website: https://actsmediagroup.com/please-donate/   You can also send us your credit card information to
4321actstreasurer@gmail.com it will be kept on file and secure by Sitelock. Donations may also be mailed to: Acts Ministry 1736 East Sunshine Suite 216 Springfield, Mo.65804.

We have a June 30, 2019 deadline to meet for our Acts Television Network participants and we are a long way from meeting our side of the financial nut. So time as always is of the essence and your help is humbly requested.  I remain,

In His Service,


Dr. James R. Wining Bishop/President
Acts Ministry, Inc. and its Divisions and Units:
Acts Media Group
Acts Television Network
The Real News-Review
Acts Radio