“A Book of James Minister,” by Dr. James R. Wining

Many times we expect to find greatness as defined by history. Yet as Christians we neglect the life of Jesus in defining what exactly it means to be a great person for Christ. Often times we are hood winked into believing a great person in Christ must be behind the pulpit exalting knowledge of God’s word and setting the alter for lives to be improved as a Christian. Sometimes we think the church classroom is the place of great service as we touch the young lives for Jesus Christ. What if I said to you the greatest of warriors of Christ are defined by their works and their Christ exampled activities of events and small groups. This was Jackie L. (Scott) Phillips.

About nine years ago I met Jackie at a meeting in Springfield, Missouri. She was framed by our Founder Dr. Paul Collins as an “energetic Christian media expert.” Her first task was to utilize the nationwide appeal of Branson, Missouri and reach 1000’s with the hard copy newspaper The Real News-Review.

This is exactly what we did in Branson, Springfield and Kansas City,Missouri. We reached people with a newspaper that was Christian in perspective yet open in reporting to all people. Today the newspaper has adjusted in time and is on the Internet on our website www.actsmediagroup.com Moreover, it is still copied via the Internet into a hard copy form throughout Asia.

Jackie, learned from articles I wrote and through her first hand knowledge with groups organized to help autistic persons how important it was as a Christian to lead in social awareness of autism. She experienced the difficulties families with autistic members were having in schools, in neighborhoods, in public events and yes, churches. Jackie was not uncomfortable in supporting unpopular causes. I think Jesus probably showed us this example best. However, Jackie tackled this unpopular cause with the production of fourteen shows on “Growing out of Autism (GOA).,: The GOA shows reached into nearly every walk of life from police departments, to churches, to on the streets of homeless autistic adults.,

During her experiences in working with autistic persons and homeless adults she discovered another related need, She discovered that many of the homeless people were not only autistic but they were also veterans. She built Christian bridges of hope with Bibles and small meetings for veterans.She started several special events for veterans (autistic or not) to receive transportation to medical facilities and supplements when traditional medicine didn’t work. She helped start The Helping Hands Fund,

Throughout these times of hard unpopular Christian Leadership Jackie suffered financially but her day to day resilience for “Doing the Right Thing,” never ceased as a Christian trying to bring all Christians together “In Unity in Christ through The Holy Spirit.” Through education, love and understanding she became the media voice for “Medical Marijuana,” and stepped ahead of the Christian world and advocated the medical treatment with programs such as “Marijuana Miracles,” How wonderful are all God’s creations and for Jackie this “Was What Jesus Would Do. 

As years progressed Jackie became a leading force for Acts Ministry annual ActsFest gathering. She orchestrated during ActsFest special meetings of groups to teach stewardship, church safety, autism in worship, and many special needs projects.She utilized the form of an event and small group meetings to recognize those “Who Got it and were on the Field of Battle”  She educated and challenged ministers, ministries and benevolent non-profits of the calling of awareness and service in the world.  

When her dear friend had been suffering from kidney disease for nearly twelve years, she developed a plan to help him and others suffering under kidney dialysis. A piece of this solution was The Kidney Fund she established through an event and constant fundraising efforts. Today her friend and now her loving husband Randel Phillips,has a new kidney.  He will be forever comforted by her love and compassion for him and others needing the works of a Christian who listens follows and serves as provided in The Book of James 2:14-16.

In closing, Acts Ministry has established the “Jackie L (Scott) Phillips Emergency Health Fund for others in need of the medical assistance like herself. We will never forget you or your works for Jesus Christ as a Great Person and Great Servant..