“The Revelation Received by Dr. Paul C. Collins.”



1. Before he filed, I knew Donald Trump would be president!

2. In 2017, I said to watch out for 2020-2021!

3. Now, it is time to watch out for 2025!

4. There is no way to prepare for 2029 except to be saved!

(2029 will be the year when GREAT TRIBULATION will hit!)

I make no claims to be a prophet, but at times I have had an idea come to me that was shown to be true as evidenced by certain events leading to other events leading to obvious sets of circumstances that could not have been coincidental.

The four points listed above are worth noting. Even the casual student of history and current events, will have to admit that nothing is getting better on the world stage and, in fact, everything is getting worse! The United States of America is among the most glaring examples of how sin is being rewarded by a godless system and righteousness is not being practiced by the “church” at large.

While “Rome Burns” the so-called church is being lavishly entertained by second-rate performances. Music is worshipped rather than God. Worship is worshipped rather than God. Some preachers are famous celebrities while the real Jesus becomes more anonymous. Wealth is advocated by “Christians” while the inevitability of death is ignored. Materialism has overtaken “churches” with expensive coffee in the lobbies (whatever happened to the vestibule patterned after the outer court of the tent tabernacle and the temple built to honor Jahwa?).

My admonition is to forsake worship of anything unlike God, dedicate oneself to serving Christ by withholding nothing, and save your hand claps and cheer for the times when THE HOLY SPIRIT actually is present as the GREAT MOTIVATOR.

Heaven is real. Hell is real. Real Christians are real! Real sinners saved by grace are real! Lost sinners are real, still lost, and God knows the sheep from the goats!

It is a good time to return to genuine worship of God, in Christ, through the Holy Spirit. There will never be a better time.

I DO pray that you will get blessed, be blessed, and stay blessed.



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